Specialized Solutions for Industrial Needs: Hand Gloves and Dip Molding Products

Boorugu & Co. takes pride in offering a range of specialized products to cater to diverse industrial needs. Our specialities include hand gloves and dip molding solutions, providing reliable and innovative solutions for various applications.

  1. Hand Gloves: We offer a wide range of high-quality hand gloves designed to provide optimum protection and comfort in various industrial environments. Our hand gloves are crafted using premium materials and advanced manufacturing techniques to ensure durability and resistance to abrasion, chemicals, heat, and other hazards. These gloves find applications in industries such as manufacturing, construction, healthcare, and more. Whether you require gloves for general purpose, cut resistance, chemical resistance, or specialized handling, our hand glove solutions are designed to meet your specific safety requirements.

  2. Dip Molding: Our dip molding solutions provide a versatile and efficient method for the production of custom-made plastic products. Dip molding involves immersing a mold into a liquid polymer, typically plastisol, and allowing it to cure, resulting in a seamless and durable product. This process allows for the production of a wide range of items, such as caps, grips, covers, and more. Dip molding offers advantages like cost-effectiveness, design flexibility, and the ability to produce intricate shapes. Our dip molding solutions are tailored to meet the unique requirements of each client, ensuring exceptional quality and functionality.

Boorugu & Co. understands the importance of specialized products in various industries, and we strive to deliver solutions that exceed our customers’ expectations. Our hand gloves and dip molding offerings are backed by our commitment to quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction. With our specialized products, we aim to enhance safety, productivity, and efficiency across different sectors, meeting the diverse needs of our valued clients.



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